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Interior Design Pictures, Photography, Construction Projects, and Renovation Ideas |
All Things Interior Design, Renovation, Construction, Photography, and more!


Talk about a bold renovation design. The dark eames eggshell chair matches the parsed walls perfectly, for this mad men looking lounge area the house. A great place to kick back and read a book, or simply relax after a long day of work. The light complements the look perfectly. Another great renovation idea.

eames eggshell chair in black

Pictured here is a new mini-renovation of a home gym! It has everything you need for a basic home workout, from yoga galls, to mirrors, dumbbells and basic freeweights!

home gym setup

Check out this picture of a bedroom with floor to ceiling windows, looking out onto a forest-like green area! Very modern with smooth grey concrete flooring. A white queen-sized bed completes this modern renovation. A great interior design idea.

Floor to Ceiling Windows in Bedroom

Check out this new construction bathroom. Completely gutted and turned into a modern marvel, this bathroom features dual sinks, a streamlined toilet, granite countertops, and a small flatscreen TV built right into the wall!

Modern bathroom with flatscreen TV

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Thinking of putting mirrors in your new bedroom, or living room renovation? Pictured here is a very unique and modern use of circle shaped mirrors in the bedroom. A beautiful renovation and interior design idea! Thanks to Marty Lee for sending in this image from a new construction home in British Columbia!

Modern interior design circle mirrors

Check out this picture of an open concept home office in a small corner of the living room! The white and turquoise theme work well together. Pops of color used in the modern office chair (from Bo Concept in Vancouver) accentuate the area. White tiled floors, a long and narrow white desk, and Ikea shelving on the walls create a clean, modern look to this renovation. Thanks to Jeremy Hanes from beautiful British Columbia for submitting the photograph!

Modern Open Concept Home Office


Thanks to home photographer Dave Lou from Washington for this picture of a beautifully newly constructed home facing the water. With floor to ceiling windows facing the water, it’s hard not to get caught up staring outside all the time. The modern staircase adds character to this 3 level home. Imagine waking up to this every morning!

Floor to ceiling windows


Do you have a studio, or open concept apartment to design? Get inspiration from this modern design by Ling Hansen from Coquitlam, BC! Set the scene with white brick walls and light hardwood floors, and add pops of color to excite the senses! Oh, and don’t forget the black lounge chair! A great renovation idea.

Studio with Lounge Chair


Thanks MAC Designs (from Seattle, Washington) for the awesome rendering! If you’re looking to clean up your office space and design a modern, clean, yet productive open-concept space, consider this! Open concept offices are all the rave these days. Interior designers, DIY-ers, and new construction businesses keep this in mind.

Modern Office with Mac Computers


Want to get CREATIVE with your attic space? Here’s a construction and renovation idea. Add a lamp, a rocking chair, stain the floors, a puffy cushion couch or daybed, a few books.. and your’e done!

Interior Designer Attic


Revamp and renovate your apartment condo, bedroom, or den into an OPEN CONCEPT HOME OFFICE!

Apartment Library


Updating a TINY RESTROOM OR BATHROOM? Functional elements and placement of the toilet, tub, and vanity are key!

Small Bathroom Interior Design Renovation

Many many more ideas here!

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